Shutting down

Not that there’s any regular visitors here, but posting publicly was a way to give myself some accountability and if an audience came, so be it (and it didn’t, so be it).


I decided to do this project mostly as a way to get me in the habit of writing again and it did that. Yet as I burned through some profiles I enjoyed writing and started adding ones based on other people’s suggestions (and rumors), my enjoyment started to lag. There’s several profiles I wrote that I won’t be posting, some are pretty bad including a would-be profile of Sacha Dhawan in which I barely talk about Sacha Dhawan but make many History Boys-based jokes.


But I have the impulsive to work on writing projects again, and so I will focus my energies on those and shut this down. If you read, thanks for reading. If you didn’t read, you’re not reading this.